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This visual novel is...!? I MADE IT!

Eevee & Kyoko is what the visual novel i made is called! my first visual novel i made with Ren'Py and used with ComiPo! as well! it just got released today! LOL yeah the anime version of me is in it! Check it out on the Lemma Soft Forums!

The main character awakens in the evening out on the vast grassy plain without any memory of the self meeting Eevee and Kyoko traveling around. They insist the main character joins them on their travels, which may cause a remembrance of the past meant to be forgotten.

It's quite short though, like if you get one ending, game play would be less than 10 minutes. but if you're attempting to get all six endings on autoplay then it would be about 30-35 minutes of game play.

Game is downloadable on Windows, Mac, and Linux! Come get it! It's completely free to play in English! :)

P.S. one of the characters in here are for my new Sweetened Weekdays story, but she will come WAY later in the future! JUST SAYING xD andddd that's why i also posted this here! teehee! o_o

posted by eeveetron @ September 14th, 2013, 7:29 pm   0 Comments